On Oneohtrix Point Never’s ”Garden of Delete”


Throughout the evolution process of every great composer there comes a point where they stop transporting their listeners to parallel universes and just start creating galaxies of their own. With masterpieces like ”R Plus Seven” and ”Replica” under his belt, Daniel Lopatin returns with Garden of Delete, an album that cements Oneohtrix Point Never’s status as the Beethoven of the Digital Age. The album is a journey through sonic mountains and rivers of synth textures. It’s one of those rare instances where the heavily intriguing marketing campaign is actually topped by the album. Treading water in that sweet territory between Nine Inch Nails and the Street Fighter soundtrack, Garden of Delete displays an astonishing array of sonic range, where the sound scales up to stadium level electronics in ”I Bite Through It” and comes back down to a barren, desert-like soundscape reminiscent of a digital desert in ”Freaky Eyes” and ”ECCOJAMC1”. It’s as much New Age music for millennials as it is Classical music for Nu-Metal fans. One of the best albums of the year and an absolute essential. Highly recommended for the fans of Nine Inch Nails / Kraftwerk / Vangelis / KoЯn.

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