On Micachu And The Shapes’ ”Good Sad Happy Bad”


Following her incredible soundtrack for Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin and the critically acclaimed mixtape ”Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill”, Mica Levi returns to the project that kickstarted her illustrious career ,Micachu and the Shapes, with their third LP ”Good Sad Happy Bad”. Already praised for her versatility, Good Sad Happy Bad is a true display of form for Levi’s status as an avant grade jack of all trades. As The Shapes’ arguably most free form album to date, the album is a sonically lo-fi garage extravaganza, with no texture forming a unifying fabric for the album, causing a chaotic yet thrilling joyride of experimental sounds that reminds the listener of Can and Animal Collective all wrapped into one. Deeply melancholic and completely raw, ”Good Sad Happy Bad” sounds like the daze you get when you spend a little too much time under the sun at the beach on a hot August afternoon. With the longest track clocking in at 3 minutes and 39 seconds, this lo-fi opus hits like a jackhammer and cuts like a rusty barbed wire. Highly recommended for fans of Daniel Johnston / early Brian Eno / Bill Orcutt.

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