On Esmerine’s ”Lost Voices”


Following their magnificent 2013 release Dalmak, the Quebec natives are back with their new full length ”Lost Voices” out from Montreal’s finest label Constellation. After having mixed their classically infused pastoral post rock sounds with traditional Turkish melodies and rhythms on their previous effort, ”Lost Voices” is sonically half way between Istanbul and Montreal. James Hakan Dedeoglu’s guitar playing is as mesmerising as always, laying down the oriental tones over Bruce Cawdron’s hypnotic marimbas and Jamie Thompson’s percussions. Tracks like ”19/14” and ”A River Runs Through This City” display how capable Esmerine is when it comes to painting an ever expanding sonic landscape. The hypnotic cellos of Rebecca Foon are given even more depth with the appearance of Godspeed You! Black Emperor / Silver Mt. Zion violinist Sophie Trudeau as a featured guest on several tracks. From the first notes to the last, this album is a thought provoking journey into the fine zone where Post-Rock meets Chamber Music. The rhythmic backbone of the album is minimal at times and explosive at others, while the strings are always there to deepen the emotional textures of an album that can surely be described as one of the most unique sounding efforts in Post-Rock in recent history. This essential release is highly recommended for fans of A Silver Mt. Zion / Sarah Neufeld / Masayoshi Fujita.

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